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New Hampshire Politics Below are 9 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "New Hampshire Politics" journal:

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March 30th, 2008
01:31 pm


Feds capitulate to New Hampshire
I'm glad to admit that I was wrong. Homeland Security has capitulated to New Hampshire, and is now pretending that we're complying with Real ID in order to avoid the political embarrassment of imposing sanctions on us. Their face-saving claim that the security features in new NH licenses constitute a request for an extension or compliance with the requirements for biometric features and participation in a national database shows their desperation.

Apparently Bush still has some faint hope that McCain will carry the state, and doesn't want to throw it away by making Manchester Airport useless and banning us from federal courtrooms.

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March 9th, 2008
10:07 am


May 11
On May 11, the U.S. government will impose severe punitive measures on New Hampshire residents.

When flying anywhere, we will have to go through long "secondary screening" procedures unless we have passports. Manchester Airport will practically come to a standstill.

Federal buildings which require ID will not allow us in without a passport. This includes federal courts.

Why? Because we haven't promised to comply with Real ID.

This is a punitive measure, not a security measure. No state is in full compliance with Real ID yet, but people from states that have asked for an extension will still have their driver's licenses accepted.

The Homeland Security propaganda machine is going to tell us that our legislature is to blame for not complying, and that it is "endangering the lives of millions" by not promising to implement Real ID. This is nonsense. The federal government simply thinks it can force its will on us by treating us as if we were foreigners. The current administration claims that torture and impunity from legal action are necessary to national security; its real goal isn't safety from enemies, but power.

Don't believe the lies you're going to hear from them.

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January 6th, 2008
03:29 am


NH Republican Withdraws support for FOX Forum

I am extremely pleased that the NH GOP is making this choice.  it shows courage and loyalty that the Republicans are known for as well as honesty and fairness that they should be better known for.

Thank you, Mr. Cullen.

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January 5th, 2008
08:56 pm



Barack Obama represents real change we can believe in. Join us as we build the movement in New Hampshire and put Barack Obama on the path to the Presidency.

Many people on the left and right are counting on independent-minded voters in New Hampshire -- young voters, first-time voters, disillusioned voters, voters tired of an unending, unaccountable conflict in Iraq, tired of sacrificing their rights and freedoms, tired of politics as usual -- *NOT* to vote, because he believes that as long as enough people *DON"T* show up to vote, Hillary Clinton could win.

This is a close race, and the people of New Hampshire's participation on primary election night could make all the difference.


Independent/Undeclared voters participating in the Democratic primary:
You are eligible to vote & After voting in you may switch your registration back to Undeclared by signing the form provided at each polling location.

If you are not Registered, you can do so at your polling place on Primary Day

* In order to register, it is recommended that you bring a passport, birth certificate or naturalization papers AND either a New Hampshire driver's license, current utility bill or current phone bill.
* If you do not have these documents, you may still register by signing an affidavit at your polling location.

NEED A FREE RIDE TO YOUR POLLING PLACE? Please call 603-668-2008 for information about your polling place, voting hours or if you need a FREE ride to the polls.
To learn more about Barack Obama, find out about internships and how to volunteer over the next few days: http://nh.barackobama.com

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December 14th, 2007
03:57 pm


Ron Paul to Speak at NH Liberty Forum
Congressman Ron Paul to Speak at NH Liberty Forum

Nashua, NH -- The Free State Project is pleased to announce that Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul will be the keynote speaker at the closing ceremonies of the upcoming New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH.

Congressman Paul will cap a full weekend of noteworthy speakers including Senator John Sununu and Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von NotHaus. Ron Paul will speak on Sunday afternoon, January 6th.

The recent surge in membership and movers and the ability to attract first rate speakers shows the continuing impact of the Free State Project. Irena Goddard, FSP president noted that "the presidential primary is the main reason for the surge in interest in the FSP. We are very pleased to have a pro-liberty candidate with rapidly increasing popularity as one of our featured speakers. We think it shows how serious our members are about politics and making better communities, a better state and a better country."

Other presidential campaigns have expressed interest in appearing at the forum, though no speaking times have been confirmed as yet.

The Liberty Forum is a 3-day convention focusing on successful political and social action in New Hampshire. Members and friends of the Free State Project will socialize and get a firsthand New Hampshire experience. Locals will learn about the FSP, meet its participants, and get to understand their goals and how they can work together.

There will be multiple program "tracks" covering many interests. Panel Discussions include Media, Jobs, Education choice, 2nd Amendment, Drug Policy, Making the Move, Working with Political Parties and Taxpayer

The Liberty Forum runs January 3-6, 2008 at The Crowne Plaza, Nashua, NH

Register with code 2008RP for a 10% discount!

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November 22nd, 2007
10:03 am


Primary date set
January 8. At least it hasn't slid back to Christmas or New Year's Day yet.

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September 16th, 2007
07:36 am


NH cheats drivers, jails objectors
Some of you were no doubt stuck with worthless tokens when the state repudiated their value in order to force us to use EZpass or pay twice as much. It took someone who isn't even from New Hampshire to stand up to this cheat and continue to hold the government to its word. He was jailed for "theft of services," when it's the government which stole its promised services from us.

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August 14th, 2007
03:25 pm


EDin08 at the GOP Golf Tournament
EDin08.com will be at this years GOP Golf Tournament at Derryfield Country Club on Aug 20th.
If you happen to be there stop by and say Hi.

Strong American Schools is a nonpartisan public awareness and actioncampaign offering a voice to every American who supports “ED in 08.”Our goal is to ensure that the nation engages in a rigorous debate andto make education a top priority in the 2008 presidentialelection. We hope that candidates will offer genuine leadership ratherthan empty rhetoric and tell voters how they intend to strengthenAmerica’s schools so all students receive the education they deserve.


EDin08 on Myspace / Facebook

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June 12th, 2007
01:36 pm


Bogus arguments for seat belt laws
There's a good article on Cato's blog on the excuses NH politicians such as Rep. Jennifer Brown and Sen. Maggie Hassan have offered for attempting to legislate mandatory seat belts. The argument, in essence, is that if people engage in risky behavior such as not wearing seat belts, they might be cared for at taxpayer expense, and therefore taxpayers have a "right" to have such actions prevented.

The logic of this, of course, would extend to all risky behavior; there is, for example, a "right" to forbid me from riding a bicycle, following the same reasoning.

But the politicians are merely out to "protect your rights." Always remember that and forget what they're actually doing.

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