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Against HB 437 - New Hampshire Politics
January 16th, 2012
03:18 pm


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Against HB 437

This is a letter which I sent to my legislators by email. I encourage those who agree with me to contact their representatives, and quickly, as this may come to a vote soon. Of course, the sponsors of the bill don't really believe that having children is the only justification for marriage; they simply know they can't openly declare they're trying to impose their religion for us. But answering the excuses presented in the bill is, I think, the most effective method of argumentation.

I am writing as a registered voter in Nashua, Ward 5, to ask you to vote against HB 437-FN.
The bill is based on a fallacy. The only purpose it recognizes for marriage is to provide a framework for supporting children. If this is its justification, it isn't just same-sex marriage which should be rescinded; women beyond menopause should not be allowed to marry.
One member of a married couple is legally granted extensive rights on behalf of the other when the latter is incapacitated or dies. This has nothing to do with the raising of children; it most often applies to people beyond childbearing age, whose children have left home. If the sponsors of HB 437 thinks marriage is just for the benefit of children, shouldn't they be working to repeal these provisions?
Marriage between two adults benefits them and stabilizes their relationship. This is a benefit to them and to society, regardless of their sex, and injures no one. There is no good to be gained from passing HB 437-FN, and every good from defeating it.
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