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Changing the dialogue - New Hampshire Politics
June 5th, 2011
05:18 pm


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Changing the dialogue
Anyone still here? The last post here was over a year ago, and that was by me.

Today I stopped at Greeley Park in Nashua and saw that there were banners for some sort of event promoting Rick Santorum, who like many politicians these days is in New Hampshire for no particular reason at all. I took the opportunity to talk with one of his workers, not arguing, but just making clear what's important to me. These people are instructed to be nice to anyone they talk with, so it's a useful chance to get some ideas across. Some of them may get back to the candidates politicians who just happen to be in town. I don't expect to change their minds on anything, but if word gets back to them that people in New Hampshire are concerned about certain things and not so happy with certain positions, it could affect what they choose to talk about. In particular, I mentioned Obama's illegal war in Libya and got agreement from the worker. Maybe he's against that just because it's Obama's war (Santorum stresses "national security" in his literature), but perhaps what I said could encourage Santorum, to some small extent, to criticize Obama for that rather than for something else.

If the neocons and Obama progressives continue to control the national dialogue, all we can expect is more of what we've been getting. But advocates of liberty who keep raising the questions the candidates don't want heard can make a difference.

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