Against HB 437

This is a letter which I sent to my legislators by email. I encourage those who agree with me to contact their representatives, and quickly, as this may come to a vote soon. Of course, the sponsors of the bill don't really believe that having children is the only justification for marriage; they simply know they can't openly declare they're trying to impose their religion for us. But answering the excuses presented in the bill is, I think, the most effective method of argumentation.

I am writing as a registered voter in Nashua, Ward 5, to ask you to vote against HB 437-FN.
The bill is based on a fallacy. The only purpose it recognizes for marriage is to provide a framework for supporting children. If this is its justification, it isn't just same-sex marriage which should be rescinded; women beyond menopause should not be allowed to marry.
One member of a married couple is legally granted extensive rights on behalf of the other when the latter is incapacitated or dies. This has nothing to do with the raising of children; it most often applies to people beyond childbearing age, whose children have left home. If the sponsors of HB 437 thinks marriage is just for the benefit of children, shouldn't they be working to repeal these provisions?
Marriage between two adults benefits them and stabilizes their relationship. This is a benefit to them and to society, regardless of their sex, and injures no one. There is no good to be gained from passing HB 437-FN, and every good from defeating it.
[contact info redacted]

Changing the dialogue

Anyone still here? The last post here was over a year ago, and that was by me.

Today I stopped at Greeley Park in Nashua and saw that there were banners for some sort of event promoting Rick Santorum, who like many politicians these days is in New Hampshire for no particular reason at all. I took the opportunity to talk with one of his workers, not arguing, but just making clear what's important to me. These people are instructed to be nice to anyone they talk with, so it's a useful chance to get some ideas across. Some of them may get back to the candidates politicians who just happen to be in town. I don't expect to change their minds on anything, but if word gets back to them that people in New Hampshire are concerned about certain things and not so happy with certain positions, it could affect what they choose to talk about. In particular, I mentioned Obama's illegal war in Libya and got agreement from the worker. Maybe he's against that just because it's Obama's war (Santorum stresses "national security" in his literature), but perhaps what I said could encourage Santorum, to some small extent, to criticize Obama for that rather than for something else.

If the neocons and Obama progressives continue to control the national dialogue, all we can expect is more of what we've been getting. But advocates of liberty who keep raising the questions the candidates don't want heard can make a difference.

Is OBAMA the "Prince" Of "Bait and Switch"?

Is OBAMA the "Prince" Of "Bait and Switch"?

It has been speculated by Our friend Ester, (a Philippine/U.S. Naturalized citizen) that, as it has sometimes happened in Philippine politics, That the DNC may have placed OBAMA as their candidate Knowing FULL WELL that he would not be able to take the oath of office For the FULL REASON of GETTING DONATIONS to Fill The DNC's Coffers.

Although I do not Like it, I must admit that if this is so, it is the strategic equivalent of "Operation Mincemeat", A staggeringly successful British Intelligence Operation during WW 2, Told Effectively in the Book and Movie,

"The Man Who Never Was.

In it, a Dead Man who had been a nobody was taken by British Navel Intelligence and give a Phony Personality that made him look like someone of importance. Everything..his credentials and even theatre tickets were fabricated to look genuine and doggy. The Body was discovered and handed over to German Intelligence where his Identity and the false plans for allied invasions were swallowed whole.

Although a live person, I believe that is is wholly possible that OBAMA is Just such a "Man who never was".
Surely he has been "swallowed whole" and the DNC is 640 million richer for it:

If indeed the DNC knows and has always known that OBAMA cannot legally take the oath of office because of his immigration issues: , Is it possible that the DNC wanted Bidden for President all along and KNEW he would NEVER win against McCain if he stood on his own feet?

Truly, Bidden could have NEVER raised 640 million.

Truly, with 640 Million to buy every advantage, why is the race so close? Shouldn't the DNC be "Winning" by a landslide?

Some People believe that if OBAMA is disqualified by the Electoral College, that Bidden Automatically takes office. This is a question worth exploring at length.

But even if Bidden cannot take office, the DNC is the clear winner. There will surely be megabucks left in the coffers after race day and they will be in the position of advantage from which to launch counter strikes in the future.

Surely, if this is so, the DNC has pulled off the greatest strategic Ploy ever and OBAMA will forever be Known as "The Prince of Bait and Switch".....and if Senator McCain Wins, He truly wins this election "Against all Odds".

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Defend the Constitution!

Defend the Constitution!
Supreme Court Rally, Philip J Berg, October 30, 2008, Supreme Court Steps, Defend the Constitution
October 29, 2008
Philip J Berg will go to the US Supreme Court on Thursday, October 30, 2008. Show up at the steps of the Supreme Court and help defend the Constitution.

From MommaE talk radio:

“Please post this on every Blog you can and e-mail to everyone in your address book and ask them to send it to everyone in their address book!!


Please get your signs made today and tonight and be ready for tomorrow! The things to go on the signs will be listed below. We need as large a Crowd as we can get to be waiting at the steps of Supreme Court for Mr. Berg, the person meeting him at the Train Station as well as Will Bower who will be there to accompany him there. Fox News will also be at the Train Station and will follow them all the way to the Supreme Court, filming everything.

Remember to be loud, but RESPECTFUL as this is about having the Supreme Court hear us and grant us what we are asking for, proof that Obama is eligible to run for the Office of President, our Commander In Chief.

Chant: Speech, Speech, Speech, when you see Mr. Berg on the steps. He will speak before he goes into the Court, unless he needs to go in immediately, if not he will speak when we comes out.

He will stop and acknowledge everyone that is there and thank you for your support."

This action, (which is being filed against OBAMA by a life-long Democrat) will be the most potentially powerful political scenario in this century. If you would like to be there at this historic moment, please join us.

OXOjamm Studios will be having an after party for all participants.

Country First,
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Dick Bowker's "less government" lie

The signs for Dick Bowker, running for state representative from Nashua, say "less government, less spending." But look more closely at his campaign materials and you discover that's a lie. By his own statement, he will work to impose the "E-Verify" system on all New Hampshire workers, requiring us to be cleared through a federal database before we are permitted to work for a living. As discussed by the Cato Institute, E-Verify can and does prevent American citizens from exercising one of their most basic rights -- the right to earn one's living. If there is a glitch and you're reported as "non-confirmed" by Social Security and Homeland Security, then you have to go through a bureaucratic ordeal before you are allowed to work anywhere. Errors are in fact throwing people out of their jobs.

Bowker's Orwellian proposal would fall most heavily on small businesses, which would proportionately bear a greater load of paperwork.

"Less government"? Bowker is just throwing those words at us because he thinks they'll help him be elected. What he wants is the opposite.
Hurry up and look back

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During a forum today, Tom Delay said that the Dems have a better ground game than the Republicans.

lets keep the momentum going by actually making sure that we get out the vote in November.


On that note, I would like to rally all democrats, liberals, independents, and yes even republicans who support Barack Obama and Joe Biden to join us at some point over the next few weeks and to become a part of this campaign.

From the start Barack Obama said that this campaign was unlike any other, and if you look at what's driven it you'll notice that it's people. It’s up to us to use every bit of energy and enthusiasm that we have to help Barack Obama get elected and change the course of our nation.

Now, you might not have a lot of time to help out or get involved or you don't have money to donate. But this campaign is not just about money or for hiring staffers to do all of the organizing. It's about us getting to know our neighbors and to actually use this campaign to transform our communities by becoming more involved in them. Just last week I met a 38 year old woman who can only volunteer for 2 hours a week, so she began to have phone banking events right from her living room, and she didn't even spend a dime on it. She used her free weekend cell phone minutes.

So, if you have just 15-30 minutes a week or if you want to go all out and volunteer for 1 or 10 hours a week. We need you! There are even ways to help out and volunteer right from HOME. If you have free weekend minutes you can help us make phone calls, send messages, sign postcards, etc. So regardless of your situation you can still own a piece of this campaign and be a part of it.

To find out how to help out from home or right in your community please check out where you will have to register (no spam) and after that you can click on Action or Events - The Events feature is amazing! all you have to do is type in your zip code and you'll be able to see all the local Obama related house party, voter registration drives, book reading meetings, church events, and a variety of other local event that are both Obama and non-Obama related. So if you want to be a part of this historic campaign or if you just want to learn more about local politics, check out the "events" site feature. Below are some other ways to get involved.

Get Involved with your Local Field Office

The very first thing you should do is contact your local field office. The campaign has opened dozens of offices in states across the country. Check out this National map and find the office closest to you,

Your local field office will ask you to help in their efforts on the ground.

Get Organized Locally

In some cases, there may not be a local field office nearby, or you may be excited to get started organizing in your own town.

In order to help you in that process, we’ve created a step-by-step guide with all the resources and advice that you may need in that process.

First off, let us know that you are committed to getting your group organized! If you let us know that you're working in your local community, we can better help to empower you.

Don’t be shy in trying to get the word out. The more people that know your event is happening, the more likely you’ll get a sizable crowd.

Finally, make sure your local campaign field office knows about your event. You can find the office closest to you by visiting and selecting your state.

You can also advertise your event by going to the Events site


I personally know so many first times ranging from 16 - 72 years old who have gotten involved for the FIRST time. People who can only help out from home for 1 hour a week, and individuals who come in and volunteer every single day. What matters is that we need YOU to help us create positive change in our local communities and in turn help to change and reform this country. What matters is that we don't stay home and just talk about this stuff, but actually turn out the vote and get out there and get to know others who are trying to help our country.

Feel free to call your field office or leave me a message w/ any of your questions.

Poll standings in New Hampshire

Some Zogby poll results in New Hampshire are very interesting:

In New Hampshire, a small Obama lead has shifted to a 42%-38% McCain lead in both head-to-head and four-way questions. Barr picks up a significant 11% support here in the Live Free or Die state. McCain holds a slim lead among independents.
Pollster John Zogby: "McCain, who won the GOP presidential primary twice here with strong support from independents, needs to win over conservatives. Obama needs to capitalize on the state's voters' worries about the economy and Iraq. Again, those people now for Barr may well decide New Hampshire."

The number supporting Barr is more than double the difference between Obama and McCain. Barr has a background as a conservative and is, in my estimation, still a conservative in libertarian clothing, so you'd think he'd be taking votes away from McCain. But I doubt that McCain would have an even stronger lead without Barr's votes. The success of NH Democrats in the last election was the result of disgust with Bush more than affinity for Democratic policies, so Barr could be taking protest votes away from Obama.

The figures surprise me, and I'm not sure what to make of them.